Yunnan food and Drug Administration medical expert management specification
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Recently, the Yunnan provincial food and Drug Administration issued "medical expert management system" of Yunnan Province, the clear Yunnan provincial food and drug administration set up a medical expert database composed of experts in medical scientific research, production, testing, use and other work, and on the medical experts should have the basic conditions, expert selection program, expert management division of responsibilities, experts use, expert training, expert power and obligations and other aspects detailed.

"The implementation of medical expert management system" of Yunnan Province, in order to regulate the administration of the province's medical experts, medical experts fully and reasonably play a role to provide system safeguard, in order to perfect the technical review mechanism, improve the technical level of medical devices registration review, ensure medical instrument has laid a good foundation for the registration and approval of quality.

The next step, Yunnan Bureau will be based on the system requirement, the selection and management of standard medical equipment experts, and constantly enrich and improve medical experts, and gradually establish a high-quality, prime of life to adapt to the development of Yunnan Province, the team of experts of the work of supervision, as provide powerful support for the supervision of medical devices.